The site is designed to assist haematologists who want to take part in the UK Adult ITP registry, as well as providing additional information which will be of interest to patients with ITP.

Aims: to collect clinical information (age at onset, bleeding symptoms, treatments given and responses), standard lab tests, and investigational assays. All this information will be analyzed looking for associations between the presence of genetic variations and (i) development of ITP, (ii) responses to treatment, (iii) severity of ITP and several other parameters. We are keen to involve as many UK centres as possible.

Revised Adult ITP Registry: We encourage all potential collaborating centres that have not already done so to file for local R & D approval for the revised Adult ITP Registry. Instructions for doing so may be found in the UKITP Readme 1.9 document on the Adult Registry page of our study website. Importantly, the revised Registry is site-specific assessment (SSA) exempt, which should make filing relatively painless.

For Registry or drug trial information please
contact us.

Adult ITP Registry database: Click HERE to go to the UK Adult ITP database for data entry.

ITP registry team
The team from left to right: Haroon Miah, Vickie McDonald, Sue Robinson, Drew Provan, Caitlin Gracie and Atiqa Miah

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