We would like to acknowledge our part-time, senior student research assistants from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. They have proved an invaluable asset, offering critical assistance in the areas of hospital medical record extraction and data entry. We could not function effectively without their efforts.

Past Student Workers
Dr Wan Jun Ng
Dr Ei Leen Lim
Dr Sazlyna Mohd Sazlly Lim
Ms Helen Ngu
Mr Terry Tie Sing Fong
Mr FW David Tai
Ms Sarene Shaw
Ms Aufa Dahlia
Ms Hue Wei Fen
Ms Lorinda Lainah
Angelbert Mthunzi

Current Student Workers
Mr Amin Abukar
Ms Amal Abdirahim Hashi
Ms Cindy Luximon
Ms Gillian Aggrey Fynn
Ms Nur Wahidah Wahid
Ms Narasja Vandepitte

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